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What We Do

Build, monetize, and grow.

We architect the growth of our clients’ careers and businesses.
  • Source & negotiate distribution deals in audio & video
  • Lead outreach & negotiation with brands & agencies, with a specialized expertise in gambling sponsorships
  • Drive growth of ancillary revenue streams including subscriptions, merchandise, ecommerce, and products
  • Negotiate with talent & their representatives as an outsourced talent office
  • Lead PR strategy & execution
  • Provide outsourced finance, legal & business affairs services
We offer full-scale content development & production services across podcast, digital video, and social platforms.
  • Create a holistic content strategy to grow media networks
  • Develop shows & optimize content for quality & monetization
  • Provide staff for day-to-day physical production
  • Development of show aesthetics, graphics, and animation
  • Ideation and production of branded content concepts
  • Build television-quality studios and remote steups
Our expert social media and YouTube team maximize virality, digital engagement, and followership.
  • Oversight and execution across all social channels
  • Optimize accounts and content for programmatic monetization
  • Understanding of algorithms to drive growth & engagement
  • Institute an editorial system to produce news-making moments
  • Establish content partnerships to expedite growth
We provide business and content best practices to help our clients optimize throughout the digital media ecosystem.
  • Provide marketplace intelligence across the digital media and podcasting landscape
  • Act as an outsourced talent office to acquire talent for our clients’ content networks
  • Business affairs services for deals across licensing, distribution, sponsorship, talent, and more
  • Optimize content, production & social media strategies
  • Advise on corporate strategy, M&A, and investments
Central to our services is our focus on growing digital content networks, performing all other core services with an eye towards efficient, consistent business growth.